Taking a Law Practice or Business from Nothing to Something Great with Lenise Williams [GWL 24]

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Lenise is a business attorney/legal consultant in Atlanta, Georgia, and she is a brand and leadership strategist, working with entrepreneurs and small businesses to help them build longevity in their businesses. From fearing public speaking to booking gigs as a branding and leadership speaker, Lenise has built up a successful law practice and various businesses that make her excited to wake up every day.

Important Stuff We Talk About in this Episode:

  • Don’t let your practice area make you unhappy for longer than it needs to
  • How to attract clients when first starting off without having all your ducks in a row just yet
  • Although free work doesn’t sound appealing, sometimes you gotta do it
  • How to get over your fear of public speaking
  • Never get too comfortable in a business or risk becoming stagnant
  • Branding is a buzzword! What is it and why is it important for young lawyers
  • How young lawyers can discover their mission and message
  • Why Periscope, Twitter’s livestreaming app, has stolen my heart (and is crucial to building your business)
  • How social media can actually help you attract clients and business

Recommended Reading:

Paolo Coelho  – The Alchemist (affiliate link*)

Action Item:

Just do it! Don’t wait for things to be perfect to take action.

Contact Information:


Instagram: mompreneur_esq

Twitter and Facebook: mompreneuresq

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