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What to Do With Your Lawyer Money with Financial Planner Sophia Bera [GWL 101]

We’re talking about money! It’s important to be educated and informed about how best to save, spend, pay off debt, and of course, play with your money.

Joining us today to chat about money is Sophia Bera, founder of Gen Y Planning. As a certified financial planner, Sophia provides affordable financial planning to our generation, Millennials. She is not your … Read More

Student Loans Explained in an Understandable Way with Student Loan Lawyer, Jay Fleischman [GWL 59]

Jay Fleischman is a student loan lawyer. He speaks regularly at national events on the subjects of student loans, bankruptcy, and consumer protection.

What We Cover In This Episode:

  • Here’s one thing you should realize if you’re going to go solo,  with no money, no clients, and no experience
  • How Jay niched down to student loan law and how
Read More

Making Sense of Student Loans with Student Loan Lawyers Claire Crowley and Ben Palkowski [GWL 15]

Student loans are the bane of my existence! If you’re just as confused about what your options are, then you’re in good company. I’m joined by Claire and Ben from Crowley & Palkowski Legal Counsel and we chat about the state of student loans today, what students should consider before taking out loans, and whether or not law Read More