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On Being a Feminist and Fighting for Pay Equity with Andrea Kramer [GWL 108]

I recorded this interview with Andrea Kramer live at the Colorado Women’s Bar Association Annual Convention in Vail. I was honored to have been asked to speak at the convention so I thought it would be fun to include a short live interview as part of the presentation.

In this episode, I spoke with Andrea Kramer of Kramer Frohlich. Andrea … Read More

Creating a Legal Career that Fits You with Joey Vitale [GWL 97]

My guest today is Joey Vitale, founder of Indie Creative Law – a law firm serving creative small businesses. Joey and I have been friends online for a while and, I finally decided to make it official by having him on as a guest. He shares a lot of great advice on how to figure out whom your target client is, how Read More

The Powerful Role of Kindness in Your Legal Career with JoAnn Holmes [GWL 89]

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Our guest today is JoAnn Holmes. She is the founder of Holmes at Law, where she focuses primarily on business law and contracts, trademark and copyright, and software and tech.

After working as in-house counsel for approximately 15 years, Jo decided to take a summer off to figure … Read More

Setting Up Systems for Building a Law Business with Franchise Attorney Josh Brown [GWL 86]

My guest Josh Brown, a franchise attorney and founder of The Law Office of Josh F. Brown in Indiana. Josh has built a thriving national practice helping people make smart franchise decisions, identify good franchise systems, work through franchise legal challenges, and grow through the franchise model.

Josh is also the creator and host of his very own podcast … Read More

Black Lives Matter and So Does Police Culture with Criminal Defense Attorney, Johnnie Finch [GWL 73]

Johnnie Finch is a criminal defense attorney in North Carolina.

In this important episode, Johnnie and I discuss his experience and perspective on Black Lives Matter and law enforcement. We also explore the business side of Johnnie as he shares his marketing tips to marketing a solo practice in a small town.

What We Chat About in this Read More

Creating Happiness as a Lawyer with the Happy Family Lawyer Clarissa Rayward [GWL 71]

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Clarissa Rayward is a family lawyer, wife and mom who is passionate about relationships, people and family. This Australian attorney is using her industry knowledge and skill to change the way Australian families experience divorce and separation. Clarissa is known as ‘The Happy Family Lawyer’ as she believes that your divorce … Read More

The (Un)Importance of an Elevator Pitch & a Semi-Identity Crisis [GWL 64]

In this solo episode, I delve deeper into the importance of an elevator pitch, our identities, and how interrelated they are with being “lawyers.” I also discuss the new direction my life and career are headed in (hint: it’s not as a lawyer!). Listen in to hear more.… Read More

Writing a Book as the Best Method for Marketing Your Practice with Jim Hart [GWL 63]

Jim Hart is a business and intellectual property attorney in North Carolina. He is also an entrepreneur and podcaster. His practice focuses on helping online entrepreneurs with their legal needs.

What We Cover in this Episode:

  • Are you sabotaging yourself and your practice and you don’t even know it?
  • Even if you practice in a niche area, it
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The Role of Entrepreneurship in Your Law Career with John Skiba [GWL 58]

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My guest today is John Skiba, a consumer debt collection and bankruptcy attorney in Arizona. John is a solo practitioner and fellow podcaster. His podcast, the JDBlogger podcast, focuses on smart legal marketing techniques.

What we cover in this episode:

  • Why John’s first attempt at
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Channeling Your Love for the Law in the Courtroom and on TV with Seema Iyer [GWL 57]

My guest this week is Seema Iyer, a criminal defense attorney in New York. You might recognize Seema’s name, especially if you’ve ever watched MSNBC. Seema was a regular legal contributor as well as the host and producer of The Docket. Seem also recently launched her own podcast, The Bollywood Lawyer.

What We Discuss in this Episode: Read More