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Taking 100% Responsibility for Your Happiness with Okeoma Moronu [GWL 113]

Is happiness an inside job? How can we, as lawyers, take responsibility for the choices we make that ultimately impact our level of happiness? Joining us this week is Okeoma Moronu, a young attorney and host of The Happy Lawyer Project Podcast where she explores this concept of happiness.

What You’ll Learn

  • How she transitioned from BigLaw to in-house counsel
  • How she manages the pressures of being part of a small in-house legal team
  • Why she launched The Happy
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Mindshifts, Money, and More: We’re Stepping Our Game Up for 2016 [GWL 46]

In the last episode of the year, I am thrilled to announce the new direction of The Gen Why Lawyer Podcast! After interviewing over 45 amazingly courageous young lawyers, I’ve been inspired to finally pursue what makes me happy, both personally and professionally.

Starting January 4th, 2016, I will focus my time, energy, and podcasting efforts on things that … Read More