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Can Women Have It All? with Janine Esbrand [GWL 107]

Lawyer, Mom, Coach, and Podcaster, Janine Esbrand, joins us today and shares her thoughts on how lawyers can go about planning for a family while working at a firm. What does that conversation with the employer look like? When should it happen?

Janine also shares her insight on how lawyers who feel “stuck” in their careers and lives can begin to find some clarity.… Read More

Writing a Book as the Best Method for Marketing Your Practice with Jim Hart [GWL 63]

Jim Hart is a business and intellectual property attorney in North Carolina. He is also an entrepreneur and podcaster. His practice focuses on helping online entrepreneurs with their legal needs.

What We Cover in this Episode:

  • Are you sabotaging yourself and your practice and you don’t even know it?
  • Even if you practice in a niche area, it
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Mastering the Art of Lawyering with Christopher Small [GWL 37]

Chris Small is the owner of Emerald City Law Group in Seattle, Washington, and the charismatic host of The Art of Lawyering Podcast. In this episode, he talks to us about why it’s ok if you want to own a law practice but not necessarily practice law, how to be ok with pursuing what you want in this world, and the power of an Read More

How to Build a Lifestyle Law Practice with Entertainment Lawyer Gordon Firemark [GWL 27]

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Gordon is a Los Angeles entertainment law attorney who helps creatives and business people in the entertainment industry bridge the gap between the creative mindset and business mindset. Gordon shares the … Read More

Finding Your Tribe and Getting Comfortable with the “Ask” with Scott MacMullan [GWL 21]

 Scott is a criminal defense and personal injury attorney from Annapolis, MD, where he was born and raised. He runs a thriving solo practice, is killing it with his social media game, and (my favorite part), he’s a fellow podcaster! In this episode, we cover everything from not being afraid of the “ask,” to finding your tribe and building your Read More