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Can Women Have It All? with Janine Esbrand [GWL 107]

Lawyer, Mom, Coach, and Podcaster, Janine Esbrand, joins us today and shares her thoughts on how lawyers can go about planning for a family while working at a firm. What does that conversation with the employer look like? When should it happen?

Janine also shares her insight on how lawyers who feel “stuck” in their careers and lives can begin to find some clarity.… Read More

The Unexpected Reality of Being a Parent and a Lawyer with Keith Shannon [GWL 70]

Keith Shannon joins us in this episode to chat about the adventures of being a stay-at-home father and a lawyer. He is a former attorney, college professor, and author of My Boss Wears Diapers.

After practicing for many years, Keith and his wife decided that he would be the stay-at-home parent to help raise their two children. During his … Read More