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Taking 100% Responsibility for Your Happiness with Okeoma Moronu [GWL 113]

Is happiness an inside job? How can we, as lawyers, take responsibility for the choices we make that ultimately impact our level of happiness? Joining us this week is Okeoma Moronu, a young attorney and host of The Happy Lawyer Project Podcast where she explores this concept of happiness.

What You’ll Learn

  • How she transitioned from BigLaw to in-house counsel
  • How she manages the pressures of being part of a small in-house legal team
  • Why she launched The Happy
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Working with YouTubers and Creating Your Own Opportunities with Franklin Graves [GWL 111]

With internet creators becoming more and more popular in today’s YouTube-crazed world, wanting to become a lawyer who serves the needs of this group of people is a viable career path. That’s why I reached out to my friend Franklin Graves, General Counsel for Naxos Music Group. Franklin is immersed in the world of internet creators and YouTubers and is a content creator himself. He creates content to help educate creators of the legal side of digital … Read More

The Ins and Outs of an In-house Counsel Position with Caroline Turner

Caroline Turner is an engaging workshop facilitator, speaker, consultant, and author. Her passion is to help leaders achieve great business results by creating work environments where people thrive.

Caroline is a former corporate executive and business attorney. She was senior vice president and general counsel of Coors Brewing Company. Now, Caroline is the principal at DifferenceWorks, LLC, a woman-owned consulting firm based Read More