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Taking 100% Responsibility for Your Happiness with Okeoma Moronu [GWL 113]

Is happiness an inside job? How can we, as lawyers, take responsibility for the choices we make that ultimately impact our level of happiness? Joining us this week is Okeoma Moronu, a young attorney and host of The Happy Lawyer Project Podcast where she explores this concept of happiness.

What You’ll Learn

  • How she transitioned from BigLaw to in-house counsel
  • How she manages the pressures of being part of a small in-house legal team
  • Why she launched The Happy
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Creating Happiness as a Lawyer with the Happy Family Lawyer Clarissa Rayward [GWL 71]

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Clarissa Rayward is a family lawyer, wife and mom who is passionate about relationships, people and family. This Australian attorney is using her industry knowledge and skill to change the way Australian families experience divorce and separation. Clarissa is known as ‘The Happy Family Lawyer’ as she believes that your divorce … Read More

Create Your Best Life Now and Love Your Job with Millennial Career/Business Coach Crystal Marsh [GWL 25]

Crystal Marsh is a lawyer turned millennial career and business coach, working with young people who are unhappy in their careers and lives. Crystal helps millennials discover their true calling, reach their full potential, and most importantly, find happiness!

If you find yourself drawn to Crystal’s message and feel like she can help you work through some … Read More

On Finding Happiness and Fulfillment as a New Lawyer with Alison Monahan [GWL 05]

Alison is a former Biglaw attorney and is the founder of The Girl’s Guide to Law School, an online blog/learning resource created to help law students get what they want out of their law school experience. In this episode, we chat about her journey from Biglaw to unemployed to founding an awesome business which provides support for law students and Read More