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Top Tips from 4 Marketing Experts [GWL 104]

In today’s episode, I share some sound bites from four marketing experts I spoke with at the Legal Marketing Association annual conference a month ago. I asked four marketing companies to share their top tips and advice for young lawyers when it comes to marketing and business development. This episode is dedicated to their responses.

The experts’ information (in order of appearance):

Terry M. Isner – … Read More

5 Fundamentals of a Strong Internet Presence with Spotlight Branding’s Marc Cerniglia [GWL 90]

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Marc Cerniglia is a founding partner at Spotlight Branding. He is passionate about helping lawyers and law firms understand the truths and myths about internet marketing, and educating them on how to get the most … Read More

Using Videos to Amplify Your Marketing Efforts with Aiden Kramer [GWL 60]

Aiden Kramer is a young attorney in Denver, Colorado. She helps small businesses and startups with their business and estate planning needs. Aiden is a self-proclaimed mild Youtube sensation and with over 5,342 Youtube subscribers, I can see why she calls herself that.

What We Chat About in this Episode:

  • Why Youtube is an underutilized platform by lawyers
  • How to get over
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4 Core Areas of Any Successful Law Practice with Robert Young

This is the Gen Why Lawyer podcast. This is a special episode, cosponsored by the American Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Division in connection with the Young Lawyer Toolkit. You can access the toolkit by visiting http://www.ambar.org/younglawyertoolkit

Bob Young is an attorney and partner at English, Lucas, Priest and Owsley in Bowling Green, Kentucky. For most of his career, Bob has practiced extensively in … Read More

How to Build an Unforgettable and Irresistible Personal Brand as a Young Lawyer [GWL 35]

Today’s episode is special. It’s actually the audio replay of the live webinar I hosted last Friday, October 16th and it is all about building an unforgettable and irresistible personal brand as a young lawyer.

Special Announcement:

My Young Lawyer Branding Bootcamp is open for enrollment! The bootcamp is a 4-week, intensive online course where I’ll work with you … Read More

Where to Begin When Building a Personal Brand with Heather Riggs [GWL 34]

Save your spot for a FREE webinar on Building an Unforgettable and Irresistible Personal Brand as a Young Lawyers.

Heather Riggs is a former attorney who now owns a marketing firm called Mind Mend Marketing, where she helps attorneys save time and gets clients with digital marketing.

  • Should you feel guilty for turning down firm offers to pursue solo practice?
  • How
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Taking a Law Practice or Business from Nothing to Something Great with Lenise Williams [GWL 24]

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Lenise is a business attorney/legal consultant in Atlanta, Georgia, and she is a brand and leadership strategist, working with entrepreneurs and small businesses to help them build longevity in their businesses. From fearing public speaking to booking gigs as a branding and leadership speaker, Lenise has built Read More

Creating an Unforgettable Brand as a Young Attorney with Kristen Marquis Dennis [GWL 18]

Kristen is a Los Angeles attorney who decided to use her extensive background in sales and marketing and her legal knowledge to help other lawyers. For the last 4 years, she has been running her business, Web Presence, Esq., a digital media marketing agency geared towards helping lawyers and other legal industry professionals build their online and offline presence in … Read More