In this 5 part mini-series, I dive deep into 5 topics that I believe require further investigation and discussion. In these narrative-style investigative episodes, I speak with several of today’s brightest legal scholars and activists as I explore and uncover the reality behind these topics.

TimeEpisode 79

Lawyers have such an interesting relationship with time. It seems like we’re in a constant race to gain more time in our lives. In this episode, I dive deep into the origins of the billable hour, explore where it’s heading, and evaluate whether it still serves a purpose in the legal profession.

CreativityEpisode 80

Is it possible for creativity to exist within the law? Can lawyers be creative in their practices or must they turn outwards for creative fulfillment? In this episode, I explore the idea of creativity and it’s role in a lawyer’s life.

Buyer’s RemorseEpisode 81

Is law school worth it? Are 6-figure student loan debts worth it? In this episode, I speak with several legal educators and scholars on the topic of legal education in today’s world.

Female Lawyer ExodusEpisode 82

Why are there so many women leaving the practice of law? Where are they going? How must the legal profession change in order for more women to remain in the profession? Finally, who is it that needs to lead this change?

Millennials in the Legal ProfessionEpisode 83

“Those awful, lazy, entitled Millennials…” If I had a dime for every time I heard a negative stereotype used to described my generation, Gen Y, I’d be a rich gal. In this episode, I invite a few friends to discuss the impact of such stereotypes on our generation.

These 4 episodes cover 4 areas of health that lawyers should focus on in order to lead healthy, fulfilling lives. Each episode is dedicated to a different aspect of health: mental, physical, financial, and relational.

Improving Your Physical and Nutritional HealthEpisode 99

Dating, love, and Relationships as a LawyerEpisode 100

What to Do With Your Lawyer MoneyEpisode 101

The Reality About Mental Health and LawyersEpisode 102