Improving Your Physical and Nutritional Health with Christie Miller [GWL 99]

Christie Miller is founder of Eat Train Win, where she coaches in the areas of health, nutrition, and happiness. She is a former financial analyst, corporate lawyer, and LA County Sheriff. Christie is a total badass.

What we chat about in this episode:

  • What led Christie to leave her high paying, high powered job as a corporate attorney
  • How her work took a heavy toll on her body, diet, and fitness
  • Why she quit law to focus on her health and happiness
  • What happened when she went on a diet that involved a prepackage food delivery system
  • How taking charge of your life and health starts in your mind
  • Are cleanses worth it?
  • How can young lawyers lead healthier lifestyles?
  • Why it’s important to take time to plan your meals
  • Why healthy living starts in the mind, not in the kitchen
  • Is there a connection between healthy living and confidence and quality of work product for lawyers?

Contact Information: 

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