Experimenting is Fun [March Recap Bonus Ep.]

This month, I venture into uncharted territory with cold emails. After speaking with a business coach, I learned a lot of new business development techniques I hadn’t thought about but am excited to implement.

In this episode, I discuss how I was able to narrow down my ideal customer description, aka my avatar, how I sent out cold and warm emails and which ones worked best, how I’m growing my email list with a free eguide, and how I took a macro look at my business and identified my business mission.

Resources Mentioned:

Kate Brockmeyer – Business catalyst – Facebook

Articles to help you identify your avatar:


Who is your avatar?



Website where I created my freebie: www.canva.com using the A4 template

Website for creating landing pages and capturing emails: www.leadpages.net

Grab a copy of my freebie, 5 Ways to Use Video to Amplify Your Law Firm Marketing here: www.bit.ly/video5ways