Creating a Legal Career that Fits You with Joey Vitale [GWL 97]

My guest today is Joey Vitale, founder of Indie Creative Law – a law firm serving creative small businesses. Joey and I have been friends online for a while and, I finally decided to make it official by having him on as a guest. He shares a lot of great advice on how to figure out whom your target client is, how to build a thriving Facebook group that serves as your online hub, and how to create a legal career that fits you and your strengths.

What we chat about in this episode:

  • Why Joey didn’t feel comfortable practicing as a civil defense litigator and how he transitioned to his current position
  • Why it’s important to notice the patterns that you build up during your day because they affect your habits when you’re not at work
  • How he came up with his firm’s name and why he rebranded soon after launching
  • How he identified his ideal client
  • What he values as a law firm and how he translates his value into pricing
  • The importance of niching down in order to understand your customers
  • Embracing the power of storytelling to help you engage with your Facebook group members

Resources Mentioned

The Happiness Advantage 

Joey’s “viral” post about Etsy

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