On Building a Legal Tech Company with Alt Legal’s Nehal Madhani [GWL 87]

My guest in this episode is Nehal Madhani, attorney and founder and CEO of Alt Legal, a cloud-based IP docketing software. Nehal speaks regularly about the intersection of legal practice and technology.

What we discuss in this episode:

  • Why he decided to leave his BigLaw position to start a tech company
  • How he taught himself how to code
  • How Nehal gets the word out about his product
  • How he decides who and how to hire new employees
  • What program Nehal participated in to help him fine tune his entrepreneurial skills
  • How he felt when he left his Biglaw position
  • What his company is doing to remain client-centric and focused on provided excellent customer service

Contact Info:

Email: nehal@altlegal.com

Twitter: @nehalm