From Viral Videos to a Super Bowl Commercial with Bryan Wilson – The Texas Law Hawk [GWL 85]

Bryan, a criminal defense attorney in Forth Worth, Texas, joins us to share his story of how he got started in creating videos and how they led him to create a commercial for the Super Bowl.

What we discuss in this episode:

  • Where his nickname came from and why he decided to keep using it as a solo practitioner
  • How he put himself in a position to pick and choose the cases he works on
  • Why he decided to start making videos and commercials for his law practice and for other companies
  • How he handled negative feedback from other lawyers on his videos
  • More importantly, how he navigated the State Bar’s ethics rules
  • How he’s tracking the analytics from his videos in order to reassess their effectiveness
  • If these videos are part of a larger goal, are they to attract clients, build brand awareness, or just for fun?
  • Why Bryan thinks that educational videos is the best way to help the general public and attract clients
  • How he comes up with material for his videos
  • How he attracted Taco Bell’s attention for a national Super Bowl commercial
  • Can we help Bryan secure a commercial deal with Mountain Dew?

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