Black Lives Matter and So Does Police Culture with Criminal Defense Attorney, Johnnie Finch [GWL 73]

Johnnie Finch is a criminal defense attorney in North Carolina.

In this important episode, Johnnie and I discuss his experience and perspective on Black Lives Matter and law enforcement. We also explore the business side of Johnnie as he shares his marketing tips to marketing a solo practice in a small town.

What We Chat About in this Episode:

  • The nature of police culture in a small town which differs from police cultures in other areas
  • Why it’s the prosecutors who need to step up and hold “rogue” cops accountable for their actions
  • What Johnnie is doing in his community to maintain a good relationship with law enforcement and what he created to hand out to his community members to help them understand their rights
  • Why he decided to open his own practice even though he had a new baby on the way
  • Johnnie’s best marketing and networking secrets
  • Why there shouldn’t be a fear of competition

Contact Information

Facebook: Johnnie Finch

Twitter: @coolrelaxed