The Power of Live Streaming Video to Connect and Build Trust with Nick Rishwain [GWL 67]

Nick Rishwain is the Vice President of Client Relations and Business Development at Nick and I met on social media and have become good friends! He is super knowledgeable about live streaming platforms and social media marketing, which is precisely the reason why I wanted him to come on the show and discuss it with me.

What We Discuss in this Episode:

  • How social media can turn strangers into the best of friends
  • Why Nick turned to the internet to promote his business to lawyers
  • How to ignore the scare tactics out there about using digital platforms as a lawyer
  • Why videos will be more powerful than any other form of content in the future
  • The beauty of live streaming is that it’s authentic and flawed
  • Live video allows you to increase the know, like, and trust factor
  • Another bonus to live videos is that they can be repurposed easily
  • How to get started on live streaming platforms
  • What are some benefits to having a constant live streaming show

Resources Mentioned



Facebook Live

Youtube Connect





Give to Get

If you’re a lawyer who has deposed an expert witness and would like to be interviewed about it on the live streaming series, reach out to Nick.

If you’re in the robotics space, engineering, developing, startup, reach out to Nick.

Contact Information


Business Twitter: @expertsdotcomvp

Personal Twitter: @nickjrishwain