The Trend Towards Freelancing Lawyers with Julia Shapiro [GWL 62]

Julia Shapiro CEO and Founder of Hire an Esquire, an online legal recruiting and staffing company which allows lawyers to be autonomous and entrepreneurial.

Julia herself stumbled upon freelance legal work when she became ill and was unable to commit to a full-time associate position. When she recovered, she realized that there was a huge gap in this space of freelance legal work. She also noticed an issue with the way staffing companies had been doing things thus far so she started Hire an Esquire to provide a solution.

What We Chat About in this Episode

  • Why freelance legal jobs are going to become highly coveted
  • How Hire an Esquire is like an online dating site for lawyers and firms
  • Why taking a lawyer’s personality and preferred work culture is important when considering a match with a firm
  • What is the future of traditional law firms?
  • How Julia handles belonging to two industries (legal and tech) that tend to be highly unfriendly to women
  • What the greatest benefit of freelancing is for women
  • What factors should college students take into consideration before making the decision to go to law school

Give to Get

If you’re a lawyer and you’re interested in registering for Hire an Esquire and work on a freelance basis or if you know of a firm that might have work they want to offer on a freelancing basis, reach out to Julia.

Contact Information


Twitter: @hireanesquire