The Role of Entrepreneurship in Your Law Career with John Skiba [GWL 58]

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My guest today is John Skiba, a consumer debt collection and bankruptcy attorney in Arizona. John is a solo practitioner and fellow podcaster. His podcast, the JDBlogger podcast, focuses on smart legal marketing techniques.

What we cover in this episode:

  • Why John’s first attempt at going solo didn’t succeed and what he did differently the second time around
  • Incorporating technology into your practice is essential to a solo practitioner’s success
  • How to strike a balance between work and life when you work from a home office
  • Why your mentors can be wrong about the advice they give you
  • The benefits of starting a podcast are endless, especially for attracting clients
  • Video is the most powerful tool to converting clients
  • Every attorney has something that he/she is good at. Find it and don’t be afraid to use it
  • Where to start when embarking on a content marketing journey

Resources Mentioned:

JD Blogger Podcast – Episode 73 – How Two Lawyers Started a Non-Profit Law Firm Right out of Law School

Episode 30 – Create Your Own Path – Interview with Creative Lawyer Kiffanie Stahle

Episode 87– The Texas Law Hawk – Interview with Attorney Bryan Wilson

Episode 04– Implementing Video Into Your Law Firm Marketing with Gerry Oginsky

Bryan Wilson’s commercial

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