Serve Your Clients Better with Technology and Innovation with Dan Linna [GWL 54]

On the show this week is Dan Linna, the assistant dean of career services at MSU College of Law and the director of LegalRnD – the Center for Legal Services Innovation

Coming from a background in information technology and public policy and administration, Dan believes in the importance of incorporating technology into the practice of law in order to establish processes and standards to help improve the overall practice.

What We Discuss in this Episode:

  • Can law schools look to MSU Law’s Legal RnD as an example of successful marriage of tech and law?
  • What is a T-shaped lawyer?
  • Why is innovation even necessary?
  • What’s going to happen to the rule of law when people feel disconnected from the legal system?
  • Students should go to law school with their eyes wide open
  • The legal aid space is going through exciting innovation that will help us bridge the justice gap
  • Technology isn’t necessarily going to replace lawyers. Instead, tech will offer the profession great opportunities
  • How you can best serve your clients through process improvement and data management


Ken Grady

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Contact Information:

Twitter: @danlinna

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