Avoiding Dilution and Finding Meaning in Your Law Practice with Dana Robinson [GWL 49]

My guest this week, Dana Robinson, is possibly the most distant attorney I’ve had on this show. At the item of the interview, Dana was in Bali, running his law practice remotely, and enjoying life. In this episode, Dana and I discuss what it takes to set up systems in order to manage our practices the way he is, effectively and from abroad. We also chat about Dana’s spiritual and religious influences on his practice and businesses.  As a former pastor, Dana is doing a great job at combining his holistic approach to lawyering with his business acumen.

Things we discuss:

  • How to reconcile your faith with your lawyering duties
  • Being a lawyer doesn’t mean you’re evil. Being a lawyer involves a lot of counseling
  • How you can find meaning in what you’re doing as a lawyer
  • Is it possible to effectively manage a law practice while you’re thousands of miles away?
  • Should you start a business while you’re practicing?
  • How to put systems in place to manage your practice from afar
  • Law practice can be awesome so long as you’re able to make time for what makes you happy as well outside the law
  • Don’t dilute yourself. Focus on your practice and perhaps 1 or 2 side projects
  • Can you use your existing knowledge to create a course that you can sell online?
  • Give away your knowledge – that’ll attract more clients

Contact Information:

Email: dana@danarobinson.com

Websites: www.danarobinson.com and www.techlawllp.com

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