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Picking a Niche Practice Area and Earning Your Reputation with Wedding Industry Lawyer Rob Schenk [GWL 36]

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Rob Schenk has created a name for himself as the go-to attorney for wedding industry professionals. Along with a thriving personal injury practice, Rob maintains a successful wedding industry blog. In this episode, Rob shares his tips to figuring out your niche practice area, finding your ideal client, and making a name for yourself in this profession.

Highlights from the Episode:

  • Why your first attempt at solo practice might not be successful and how you can bounce back and try again
  • As a new lawyer, perhaps trying to handle whatever matter walks through the door isn’t the wisest decision
  • Is it a good idea to focus your blog on a subject that isn’t your main practice area?
  • How speaking engagements can help you grow your practice
  • Why Rob decided to start his blog and how he’s growing it
  • The most important factor to creating a viral blog post
  • Is it worth exploring different avenues of income producing activities services? Rob thinks so!
  • The 2 fears Rob had when he first started practicing law

Recommended Reading:

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Action Item:

Try to find your ideal client type within your area and find out where they go for advice, which orgs they belong to, what they need help with.

Contact Information:

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