Be a Shark and Dominate Your Legal Marketing Efforts with Montina Portis [GWL 29]

Montina Portis went from living in a homeless shelter with a baby at the age of 19 to running a 6 figure company. In 2009, Montina started Youtube videos as a way to make friends after moving to a new neighborhood, while she worked for the largest IT financial company in the US. In 2014, she decided to walk away from a secure corporate job to dive 100% into full-time entrepreneurship. Now, Montina is the CEO of Creative Internet Authority, a full service marketing agency that specializes in legal marketing for solo and small law firms.

What We Discuss in this Episode:

  • Be STRATEGIC and Consistent in approaching your marketing plan
  • Use the ACE IT method: Attract, Connect, Engage, and Inspire Taking Action
  • Work on multiple marketing methods: online, offline, and networking
  • At a bare minimum, spend 30 mins a day on marketing online
  • If you’re too busy to be on social media all day, be smart about it and use scheduling apps/resources.
  • How to build authority online (Hint: one thing is having a website…but make sure it’s the RIGHT website).
  • If you offer free consultations, how to obtain some reviews from your prospective clients (since they’re not paying for those free advice) –  use to capture reviews
  • Put aside marketing dollars with every new client – 2.5-5% of each matter
  • Write a book or a guide to position you as the authority in that practice area
  • Get over your hang ups with money – Money wants to be free!!!
  • MORE Money Method – Mindset, Opportunities Everywhere, Read 10 pages a day to expand your mind, Environment Counts

Recommended Reading:

Henry Harrison Brown Dollars Want Me; The New Road to Opulence: A Soul Culture Lesson (Classic Reprint) (affiliate link*)

Anything by Napoleon Hill

Dale Carnegie How to Win Friends & Influence People (affiliate link*)

David J. Schwartz The Magic of Thinking Big(affiliate link*)

Action Item:

Build Authority. Set up a account and start building yourself as an authority.

Contact Information:

Social media: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter @montinaportis

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