How to Build a Lifestyle Law Practice with Entertainment Lawyer Gordon Firemark [GWL 27]

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Gordon is a Los Angeles entertainment law attorney who helps creatives and business people in the entertainment industry bridge the gap between the creative mindset and business mindset. Gordon shares the top 3 traits/skills needed as an entertainment lawyer. We also chat about building a lifestyle law practice and of course, the power of podcasting for lawyers.

What We Cover in this Episode:

  • The dynamics of a great elevator pitch
  • Using your non-legal passions to influence your practice area decisions
  • How to handle slow months where money isn’t flowing
  • What’s a typical day like for entertainment lawyers
  • Is work/life balance is actually attainable for young lawyers?
  • Top 3 traits/skills to have as an entertainment lawyer
    • Be an expert in the field of copyright law
    • Have a talent for negotiation
    • Develop your people skills
  • The phenomenal power of podcasting for lawyers

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Recommended Reading:

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Action Item:

Set goals for yourself. Figure out the approach you’re going to use to get there. Create a roadmap. Also, figure out whom your ideal client is so all of your marketing efforts are geared towards your ideal client.

Contact Information:

Twitter: @gfiremark

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