Finding Your Tribe and Getting Comfortable with the “Ask” with Scott MacMullan [GWL 21]

 Scott is a criminal defense and personal injury attorney from Annapolis, MD, where he was born and raised. He runs a thriving solo practice, is killing it with his social media game, and (my favorite part), he’s a fellow podcaster! In this episode, we cover everything from not being afraid of the “ask,” to finding your tribe and building your community, to building your social media presence through blogging and community volunteering.

What We Cover in this Episode:

  • The real interview for any position usually happens before you even enter the interview room
  • Find the key decision makers at any company/organization and find out how you can reach out to them
  • No matter your profession, you’re a salesperson! You have to sell and distinguish yourself to get that client
  • How to find your tribe and why that’s important
  • Why networking with older attorneys is not necessarily smart
  • How Twitter is like cocktail hour and how you can mingle on this platform
  • Blogging and contributing articles to other publications is the key to growing your following and authority
  • The difference between direct and indirect marketing and why you should use both!
  • Get comfortable with the “ask” when it comes to retaining clients
  • How you can build deeper relationships with people through community volunteering

Recommended Reading:

Tribes by Seth Godin


Thoughts become words. Words become actions. Actions become character. Character is everything.

Action Item:

Use Mailchimp or Constant Contact to reach out to your contacts through a newsletter. Keep your tribe updated on what you’re doing.

Contact Info:

Phone: (443) 494- 9795