On Being a Feminist and Fighting for Pay Equity with Andrea Kramer [GWL 108]

I recorded this interview with Andrea Kramer live at the Colorado Women’s Bar Association Annual Convention in Vail. I was honored to have been asked to speak at the convention so I thought it would be fun to include a short live interview as part of the presentation.

In this episode, I spoke with Andrea Kramer of Kramer Frohlich. Andrea is a seasoned and skilled litigator practicing in the areas of business and employment litigation and civil rights.

What we discuss in this episode:

  • Andrea’s passion for pay equity advocacy
  • When is it appropriate to negotiate your salary as a young lawyer
  • Why every woman and man should consider themselves feminists
  • How her husband and she raised 2 feminist sons
  • Why she decided to start a practice with a partner (who happened to be her former opposing counsel)
  • How she approaches lawyer compensation and fee conversations with clients

Contact Information:



(617) 780-1685