Can Women Have It All? with Janine Esbrand [GWL 107]

Lawyer, Mom, Coach, and Podcaster, Janine Esbrand, joins us today and shares her thoughts on how lawyers can go about planning for a family while working at a firm. What does that conversation with the employer look like? When should it happen?

Janine also shares her insight on how lawyers who feel “stuck” in their careers and lives can begin to find some clarity.

What we cover in this episode:

  • How Janine made the shift from private practice to in-house counsel
  • Why she decided to step away from her firm job when she became pregnant
  • If you’re considering starting a family and taking time off to have a baby, how do you start that conversation with your employer?
  • The importance of building connections and your reputation within a firm prior to taking maternity leave
  • How she started her coaching business – LightBox Coaching
  • What are some of the obstacles she finds her lawyer clients facing when they’re considering making major career moves
  • What are some questions you can ask yourself if you find yourself lost in your career and life
  • Can women truly have it all? Can we have successful careers, motherhood, and a social life? It all comes down to one thing.
  • What her podcast, More Than a Lawyer, is about and why you should be listening

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