The Reality About Mental Health and Lawyers with Patrick Krill [GWL 102]

We can’t discuss mental health awareness enough on this podcast or in this profession. Substance abuse remains a huge issue that many lawyers, especially young lawyers, are dealing with.

Joining us today is Patrick Krill, the principal and founder of Krill Strategies. Patrick is a globally recognized leading authority on addiction and mental health issues in the legal profession. He is also a licensed attorney, board certified alcohol and drug counselor, author, advocate, and thought leader.

What we cover in this episode:

  • Why is substance abuse such a huge problem in our profession
  • Why the culture of the profession and law students validates the idea of self-medication
  • What is alcoholism
  • How can you recognize if you have an addiction problem
  • Why denial of an addiction is incentivized by our egos, our concern over our professional competencies.
  • What role do law firms play in helping lawyers who are addicted
  • How to grow within a firm and attend social mixers when you have a problem
  • The ABA and Hazelden Betty Ford foundation joint study
  • What mental health issues are Baby Boomers experiencing and why we should be aware of it
  • Why mindfulness and meditation, although important for overall lawyer wellness, is not a good replacement for professional help


California Lawyer Assistance Program

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

ABA Mental Health Resources

All resources listed on Patrick’s site.

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