Dating, Love, and Relationships as a Lawyer with Dr. Robert Riordan [GWL 100]

Dating in general can be difficult! Dating as a lawyer…now that’s a challenge. My guest today is Dr. Robert Riordan. He is an attorney and licensed clinical psychologist who provides therapy and counseling services to individual adults, as well as therapy and mediation services to couples.

What we chat about in this episode:

  • If lawyers’ personality styles conducive to healthy relationships
  • What is the greatest challenge for lawyers in relationships
  • Why do lawyers put their personal needs behind their professional lives
  • How millennials are evidencing better balance between work and life
  • Why it’s important for lawyers to get in touch with their emotional life
  • Why most people can’t answer the simple question: “what do you care about in this world?”
  • How lawyers can manage the expectations of those whom they’re dating
  • What are the key indicators of a healthy relationship
  • Why there’s really no winner in any argument

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