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Two Women in the Law Discuss Women in the Law – with Staci Zaretsky from Above the Law [GWL 13]

Staci Zaretsky became an editor for Above the Law in June 2011. She graduated from Western New England University School of Law. Before decided to pursue writing as a full-time career, Staci clerked at a small law firm. Her writing has appeared in other legal publications, such as Judgepedia, Lawyerist, and Ms. JD. She Read More

How to Find Your Value as a Solo Practitioner with Gabriel Cheong [GWL 12]

Gabriel is a Family Law attorney and the owner and principal attorney of the Infinity Law Group out in Quincy, Massachusetts. Gabriel started his own law firm straight out of law school.  His law firm grew steadily for the first year until he had the opportunity to purchase the law firm where he once interned in law school.  In 2008, Read More

Designing a Practice Area Around Your Passion with Patrice Perkins [GWL 11]

Patrice is an attorney practicing in Chicago and the founder of and principal attorney at Creative Genius Law, a law firm working exclusively with creative entrepreneurs + innovative brands doing major impact work, helping them develop successful legal strategies. Patrice was also named one of the ABA’s 2014 Legal Rebels.

Quote: “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, … Read More

Diversity in the Legal Profession and Challenging the Status Quo with Renwei Chung [GWL 10]

Renwei is currently a 2L law student at Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law. He has an undergrad degree from Michigan State University and an MBA from the University of Chicago and is the author of The Golden Rule: How Income Inequality Will Ruin America. Renwei is also an Above the Law featured columnist, public speaker, and Read More

How to Develop a Unique Digital Presence That Knocks People’s Socks Off with Mitch Jackson [GWL 09]

Mitch has been a trial lawyer for 29 years focusing on personal injury. When he’s not in the courtroom, Mitch uses social media to help good attorneys become great trial lawyers and to show everyone (not just lawyers) how to communicate with impact. He authors a very successful communication tips blog at and he interviews with Read More

How Leveraging Her Network Helped Jennifer C. Duval Land Her Dream Job as Counsel at BET [GWL 08]

Jennifer Duval is currently counsel in the Los Angeles office of BET, a television network she has watched and admired since she was a young girl. Jennifer shares how she treated everyday of law school as an interview, proactively connected with professors and attorneys, and harnessed her PR and marketing background to help her excel at Read More

How to Become a More Effective Leader…Even if You’re an Introvert with Ryan Jenkins [GWL 07]

Ryan Jenkins is a millennial keynote speaker and author. He equips organizations and leaders with the next generation leadership, branding, and communication skills needed to thrive in today’s multi-generational marketplace. His mission is to help leaders become tomorrow’s leaders today.

Show Notes

“One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell … Read More

Empowering Artists, Entrepreneurs, and YOU to Create Unstoppable Careers with Jo-Ná Williams [GWL 06]

Jo-Ná A. Williams, Esq. founded J.A. Williams Law P.C. – The Artist Empowerment Firm in 2011 to provide artists and entrepreneurs with ways to successfully navigate their careers and provide assistance with business, entertainment and intellectual property matters. She founded Artist Empowerment Group in 2013 to advise artists on business, branding and marketing. Some of her clients have written best-selling Read More

On Finding Happiness and Fulfillment as a New Lawyer with Alison Monahan [GWL 05]

Alison is a former Biglaw attorney and is the founder of The Girl’s Guide to Law School, an online blog/learning resource created to help law students get what they want out of their law school experience. In this episode, we chat about her journey from Biglaw to unemployed to founding an awesome business which provides support for law students and Read More

Why Entertainment Law Can Be a Sink or Swim Business with Kamal Moo [GWL 03]

Entertainment attorney Kamal Moo shares his journey from music major to entertainment attorney and music producer. Join me as I chat with Kamal about his transition into solo practice and his side business involving music production.

Show Notes

“Find something you love doing and you never have to work another day in your life.”

Recommended books:

Donald S. Passman … Read More