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How to Be a Team Player While Leading a Powerful Organization with Ms. JD President, Katie Larkin-Wong [GWL 33]

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Show Notes

Katie is an associate at Latham & Watkins practicing as an antitrust and white collar litigator. She is also serving as the President of Ms. JD a nonprofit org that … Read More

Quit Law and Code with William Ha [GWL 32]

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Will is a recovering lawyer. After practicing for a few years, Will discovered that he wasn’t passionate about the law. So he transitioned. For the past 2 years, he has been working … Read More

On Being a Working Parent and Maximizing Productivity with Shemia Fagan [GWL 31]

Show Notes

Shemia is a working mom, an attorney practicing plaintiff’s employment law, an Oregon state legislator, and a fabulous podcaster. She shares with us what inspired her to niche down to focus on working parents law, her love of learning through podcasts, and a few tips on becoming more efficient and productive as a lawyer.

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How to Run a Conscious Law Firm and Business with Glenn Meier [GWL 30]


Show Notes

Glenn Meier is a partner at Holley Driggs Walch in Las Vegas, Nevada. He’s been practicing for over 25 years, focusing on business litigation. Now, he is working on transitioning his practice to focus on conscious business law! What is that you ask? Read below for the highlights.

Important Stuff We Discuss in this Episode:

  • Even if
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Be a Shark and Dominate Your Legal Marketing Efforts with Montina Portis [GWL 29]

Montina Portis went from living in a homeless shelter with a baby at the age of 19 to running a 6 figure company. In 2009, Montina started Youtube videos as a way to make friends after moving to a new neighborhood, while she worked for the largest IT financial company in the US. In 2014, she decided to walk away … Read More

Getting Creative to Build a Law Practice with David Lizerbram [GWL 28]

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David Lizerbram is a business law strategist in San Diego, Ca. He guides businesses of all sizes to get to the next stages. In 2005, he opened his own practice focusing on helping entrepreneurs by bringing strategic projections to legal planning.

What We Chat About in this Episode:

  • Perhaps law school
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How to Build a Lifestyle Law Practice with Entertainment Lawyer Gordon Firemark [GWL 27]

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Gordon is a Los Angeles entertainment law attorney who helps creatives and business people in the entertainment industry bridge the gap between the creative mindset and business mindset. Gordon shares the … Read More

3 Fundamentals of Impactful Marketing with Jason Bay [GWL 26]

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Jason Bay is a Gen Y marketing consultant helping young entrepreneurs make the transition from 9-to-5 to freedom with his business Gen Y Success, which is also the name of his popular podcast.

Stuff We Discuss in this Episode:

  • Why mastering your field doesn’t necessarily
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Create Your Best Life Now and Love Your Job with Millennial Career/Business Coach Crystal Marsh [GWL 25]

Crystal Marsh is a lawyer turned millennial career and business coach, working with young people who are unhappy in their careers and lives. Crystal helps millennials discover their true calling, reach their full potential, and most importantly, find happiness!

If you find yourself drawn to Crystal’s message and feel like she can help you work through some … Read More

Taking a Law Practice or Business from Nothing to Something Great with Lenise Williams [GWL 24]

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Lenise is a business attorney/legal consultant in Atlanta, Georgia, and she is a brand and leadership strategist, working with entrepreneurs and small businesses to help them build longevity in their businesses. From fearing public speaking to booking gigs as a branding and leadership speaker, Lenise has built Read More