Author: Nicole Abboud

How to Build a Lifestyle Law Practice with Entertainment Lawyer Gordon Firemark [GWL 27]

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Gordon is a Los Angeles entertainment law attorney who helps creatives and business people in the entertainment industry bridge the gap between the creative mindset and business mindset. Gordon shares the … Read More

3 Fundamentals of Impactful Marketing with Jason Bay [GWL 26]

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Jason Bay is a Gen Y marketing consultant helping young entrepreneurs make the transition from 9-to-5 to freedom with his business Gen Y Success, which is also the name of his popular podcast.

Stuff We Discuss in this Episode:

  • Why mastering your field doesn’t necessarily
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Create Your Best Life Now and Love Your Job with Millennial Career/Business Coach Crystal Marsh [GWL 25]

Crystal Marsh is a lawyer turned millennial career and business coach, working with young people who are unhappy in their careers and lives. Crystal helps millennials discover their true calling, reach their full potential, and most importantly, find happiness!

If you find yourself drawn to Crystal’s message and feel like she can help you work through some … Read More

Taking a Law Practice or Business from Nothing to Something Great with Lenise Williams [GWL 24]

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Lenise is a business attorney/legal consultant in Atlanta, Georgia, and she is a brand and leadership strategist, working with entrepreneurs and small businesses to help them build longevity in their businesses. From fearing public speaking to booking gigs as a branding and leadership speaker, Lenise has built Read More

Using Social Media (and Being Enchanting) to Catapult Your Practice with Jacob Sapochnick [GWL 23]

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Show Notes

Jacob is a superstar! He is an immigration attorney from San Diego, Ca with a thriving practice, a popular podcast, and several successful businesses.  Jacob is redefining the meaning of legal Read More

How Volunteering Will Pay You Back Tenfold with Mandy Woodland [GWL 22]

This week, I had the pleasure of chatting with Mandy Woodland, a business lawyer from Canada. Mandy is a former scientist and medical researcher who decided to go to law school to escape her job as a molecular biologist. Now, she runs her own practice where she works with tech start-ups and businesses, helping them form and protect their companies.  Mandy is Read More

Finding Your Tribe and Getting Comfortable with the “Ask” with Scott MacMullan [GWL 21]

 Scott is a criminal defense and personal injury attorney from Annapolis, MD, where he was born and raised. He runs a thriving solo practice, is killing it with his social media game, and (my favorite part), he’s a fellow podcaster! In this episode, we cover everything from not being afraid of the “ask,” to finding your tribe and building your Read More

Tech, the Changing Culture of the Law, and Ditching the Hive Mentality with Aria Safar [GWL 20]

Aria is a former practicing lawyer who is passionate about using technology to change the practice of law for the better. He ditched the Biglaw position and accepted a position with e-Stet, a company leading the change in legal industry technology use, as the corporate communications lead.

Show Notes

What We Cover in this Episode:

  • Don’t go
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Finding Your Niche and Improving Legal Literacy with Tristan Blaine [GWL 19]

Tristan is a freelance lawyer for freelancers in Los Angeles. He helps freelancers, startups, and businesses protect themselves and their work legally.

He also authors a website called Law Soup where he breaks down the latest in legal news in an understandable way. With Law Soup, Tristan hopes to change the current lack of basic legal literacy amongst Americans. He also … Read More

Creating an Unforgettable Brand as a Young Attorney with Kristen Marquis Dennis [GWL 18]

Kristen is a Los Angeles attorney who decided to use her extensive background in sales and marketing and her legal knowledge to help other lawyers. For the last 4 years, she has been running her business, Web Presence, Esq., a digital media marketing agency geared towards helping lawyers and other legal industry professionals build their online and offline presence in … Read More