Author: Karima Gulick

How to leverage TV appearances while doing good in your community with Andrea Evans [GWL132]

Andrea Evans is an intellectual property attorney who started the Kidgineer program, a creative and fun educational program that captures kids’ interest! Kidgnieer is designed to accelerate kids interest and growth in science, technology, mathematics and engineering or STEM. In this episode, she shares her story about how that program came about, how she got started with her TV appearances and how she grew her Intellectual Property practice.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

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Building a solid reputation and teaching others your craft with Sonia Lakhany [GWL131]

Sonia Lakhany is a trademark attorney and the owner of her own award-winning bicoastal trademark law practice with offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Orange County, California. In addition to her practice, Sonia has recently become well-known for her online courses teaching other attorneys content in the areas of practicing trademarks and marketing and branding their law practices.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

– How to build a strong reputation in your field,

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Setting legal trends with cannabis lawyer Andrea Bird GWL130

Andrea Bird, a founding attorney at Bird Law Group, shares her story about how she became a leader in the cannabis law field, a new and ever changing area of the law, going from Big law to starting her own practice, how she managed to have a thriving practice in the span of a few months and her pro bono cases where, changed her client’s life, and set legal precedent ensuring that she helps others in the same situation.  A lot … Read More

Breaking Into Video Game Law with Zack Levine

For this episode, I interviewed Zack Levine.  We had a great conversation about how he became a video game lawyer, interesting facts about video game law and the clients he works with, and his advice on becoming an expert in a new area of the law.  Zack is a partner with Wolk & Levine, LLP, a business and intellectual property law firm in Glendale, California. He is an Adjunct Professor of Law at Southwestern Law School and Glendale College of Law, where … Read More

Learning new skills and a new practice area with Toya Gavin

Toya Gavin, Esq. is an attorney, legal consultant and founder of Legally Bold, an online coaching and consulting agency where Toya shows women how to make an impact and income with their law degree while creating a life they love. She challenges women in the law to peel back the legal label and reveal the person and professional they always wanted to be.

Before founding Legally Bold, Toya worked as a prosecutor and owned a solo practice focused on … Read More

Finding meaning in your work with Ed Monsour [GWL127]

Ed Monsour is a tax attorney and a professor.  He joins us in this episode to share his journey from working at the Ohio lottery office with deferred prize winners to starting his own practice, and how teaching allowed him the travel the world.  He also shares tips on how to build an efficient practice and attract your best clients.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How using the Pareto Principle (80-20 rule), focusing and attracting your best clients can save
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