6 Rules for Creating Content that Connects with Kelly Street [GWL 125]

Kelly Street, the marketing director with Attorneysync, a digital legal marketing agency, joins us today to share her top tips on how lawyers can go about incorporating content creation into their marketing efforts.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • What the 6 rules are:
    • Engaging content leads to better search results
    • Be true to your own style
    • Keep your audience in mind
    • Localize your content
    • Content provides context
    • Always ask, “why?”
  • How to be true to your own style and personality and allow that to show through your content
  • Keep your audience in mind when creating content
  • Where to find topic ideas
  • Why you should localize your content
  • Always ask yourself “why” first before you embark on any content creation efforts
  • Why video marketing is something lawyers should give some serious consideration to
  • How to prepare your script and yourself to record a legal video
  • When you have your content created, how can you best promote it?
  • Should you create content specifically for social media?


Grab Kelly’s free resource – http://www.attorneysync.com/geny

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