Learning new skills and a new practice area with Toya Gavin

Toya Gavin, Esq. is an attorney, legal consultant and founder of Legally Bold, an online coaching and consulting agency where Toya shows women how to make an impact and income with their law degree while creating a life they love. She challenges women in the law to peel back the legal label and reveal the person and professional they always wanted to be.

Before founding Legally Bold, Toya worked as a prosecutor and owned a solo practice focused on small business law. Toya loves her friends and family.  She also is obsessed with YouTube videos on natural hair, cooking and eating, any show created by Shonda Rhimes, and working out (because she cooks and eats). Find out more by visiting http://www.legally-bold.com and connect with Toya on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

She joins us in this episode to share her journey from working as a prosecutor, to having her solo practice and then starting a legal consulting company.   She shares her tips on learning new skills and a new practice area, and how she decided to switch gears after dealing with anxiety and depression

What you’ll learn in this Episode:

  • The 5 steps to learning new skills and how to come up to speed on a new practice area
  • How writing can help you figure out what you really to do in life.
  • Learning when to take a break to take care of yourself and when to switch gears to best help people and be the best lawyer you can be.


Contact Information:

Toya Gavin Law on social media and Toya’s website: http://www.legally-bold.com

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