Growing Your Niche Practice in an Underserved Community with Nicholas Hite [GWL 122]

Nicholas Hite from Hite Law Group is building a thriving family and domestic law practice in New Orleans, with a special focus on members of the LGBTQ community. In this episode, Nick joins us to share his insight on choosing the right niche and growing a law practice to profitability within 6 months.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How Hurricane Katrina changed the city of New Orleans and how that affected Nick’s practice
  • How he chose his niche within the family law field based on his passions and desires
  • Why he offers LGBTQ cultural competency trainings and how it helps him grow his brand
  • How narrow is too narrow when it comes to choosing a niche?
  • Why Nick decided to set up his attorney fees based on a sliding scale
  • What Nick did when he took an entire year off after leaving his law firm position
  • How he grew his firm to profitability within the first 6 months of launching
  • Why it’s important to be involved in the community you want to serve


PFLAG – New Orleans chapter



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