Improving Public Legal Decision-Making with Mariam Morshedi [GWL 121]

Leaving the law to launch a nonprofit is not easy. That’s precisely what today’s guest, Mariam Morshedi, did when she saw there was a need for simplified law. Mariam left her legal position at AARP to launch Subscript Law.  Subscript is a committed to enhancing the legal and political decision-making of Americans. She accomplishes this by breaking down legal concepts, Supreme Court cases, and government functions into visual explainers.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:  

  • How she channeled her interest in philosophy and anthropology into her legal nonprofit
  • What inspired her to launch her nonprofit
  • Why she believes that the public has a right to not only know the law but understand it as well
  • How she decided that visual graphics were the best way to present information
  • Her steps in assembling her board and team at the nonprofit
  • How to find the right marketing channels for your business when marketing isn’t your strength
  • Why she chose a non-profit as opposed to other types of organization
  • Why it’s important to prepare yourself financially if you’re going to launch a non-profit

Contact Information:

Subscript Law

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