Winning Your Case in the Court of Public Opinion with Wayne Pollock [GWL 116]

Wayne Pollock joins us in this episode to share his insight on how lawyers, can use the press and various media outlets to help tell the stories of their clients and help shape the opinions of those who might have some say in the outcome of our clients’ cases, i.e. a jury or other decision makers.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • What is the Court of Public Opinion and why should young lawyers know about it
  • Who are the members of the Court of Public Opinion
  • How a lawyer can engage members of the Court of Public Opinion and how that’s beneficial from a legal service perspective, client perspective, and marketing perspective
  • The ethical concerns when it comes to engaging the media and press
  • Do transactional attorneys need to worry about how their clients’ cases appear in the press too?
  • Why it’s important to think critically about your brand and how you position yourself when it comes to your own media pursuits
  • Part of being a competent attorney might include telling their story to the public
  • What are the first steps to engaging the media for any of our cases
  • How Wayne is marketing his niche law firm

Contact Info


LinkedIn: Wayne Pollock

Twitter: @waynepollock_cs

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