How to Nurture Your Connections and Get Referrals with Lou Shapiro [GWL 112]

If you’re wondering how to make the best use of your connections, then my guest today, Lou Shapiro, will certainly shed some light on how to go about doing that. Lou is a state and federal criminal law attorney, and he is a master at making friends online and offline and nurturing those relationships into referrals and opportunities.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What experience is needed in order to eventually open your own practice as a criminal defense attorney
  • Why he considers his firm to be a “concierge law firm”
  • Where he gets his best referrals from other lawyers
  • What exactly he posts on Facebook to invite conversations and generate attention
  • How his involvement in his volunteer work at his temple led to a spot as a legal consultant on a tv legal comedy
  • How he managed to secure Amanda Knox as a speaker for his local bar association
  • The right way to stay in contact with people that you meet
  • Why he’s waiting for the case that “defines” him
  • Why you don’t need to experience every area of law in order to find out what you truly love

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