Working with YouTubers and Creating Your Own Opportunities with Franklin Graves [GWL 111]

With internet creators becoming more and more popular in today’s YouTube-crazed world, wanting to become a lawyer who serves the needs of this group of people is a viable career path. That’s why I reached out to my friend Franklin Graves, General Counsel for Naxos Music Group. Franklin is immersed in the world of internet creators and YouTubers and is a content creator himself. He creates content to help educate creators of the legal side of digital content.

What We Discuss:

  • How he networked the smart way and made the most of his connections to land his first job
  • Why it’s important to get involved in a bar association’s project instead of merely networking
  • How a trip to an ABA conference started him off on his branding journey
  • How an article he wrote for the ABA eventually led to an opportunity to speak on a panel at the massive video conference, VidCon
  • What drew him to wanting to create content on YouTube and for YouTubers
  • The importance of immersing yourself in the industry you wish to represent
  • Should lawyers create videos to market their law firms?
  • How to figure out what type of videos you should create for your firm


The Law School Strategy

Frankly Legal YouTube channel

Naxos Music Group

Contact Information:

@franklingraves – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

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