Why Entertainment Law Can Be a Sink or Swim Business with Kamal Moo [GWL 03]

Entertainment attorney Kamal Moo shares his journey from music major to entertainment attorney and music producer. Join me as I chat with Kamal about his transition into solo practice and his side business involving music production.

Show Notes

“Find something you love doing and you never have to work another day in your life.”

Recommended books:

Donald S. Passman –

All You Need to Know About the Music Business: Ninth Edition (Affiliate Link*)

Upton Sinclair –

The Jungle (Affiliate Link*)

Action item: Don’t wait for people to hand you anything. The entertainment industry respects people who get out there and make things happen.

This Episode Briefed:

  • Going solo or partnering up with another person is not necessarily “brave”…it’s more like if someone who falls off a ship and decides to swim to shore. It’s not so much brave than it is a survival instinct.
  • The difference between me and another entertainment attorney is that I do the deal and know how it’ll play out. I have lived with it for years. Most other attorneys do the deal and just walk away.
  • Best part of practice: setting my own schedule and having great autonomy. Worst part: having to make a living and pay bills when some months are great and others not so great.
  • Advice: learn different skills and be a more well-rounded attorney by taking various courses in school not just subject-specific ones. These classes will make you more valuable.
  • It’s common in the entertainment business to wear different hats.
  • You need to be a well-rounded human being and have different non-legal interests. If all you do is one thing, you’ll totally hate your life.

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